Sticks and Stones CD
  • Sticks and Stones CD

Sticks and Stones CD

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Play it to your mates and ask them why haven't their team got something like this!

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In 1999 a crack band or musicians were sent to Harrow magistrates for a crime they did commit. They promptly escaped from the this minimum security stockade to the Wealdstone underground. Today they survive as sometimes band members for hire, if you have a problem, if no one else can help and if you can find them....then maybe they can make you a superb tribute album.


Track listing:

1. "Home Sweet Home

2. W.E.A.L.D.S.T.O.N.E.

3. Down At the Wealdstone

4. Wealdstone 'Til I Die

5. We Are the Stones

6. The Ballard of Vicarage Road

7. Eamonn

8. Change me

9. I Gate Tescos

10. Mummy's Gone To Tescos

11. Thanks For Nothing, Bernadette

12. Down At The Wealdstone '99

13. Topsey/Turvey

14. Little Girl

15. Scum

16. Heroes

17. When Saturday Comes

18. We're Coming Home