Stones up your life (or that of a loved one!)

A full range of merchandise and gifts.


  • Mugs

    A vast range of mugs to brighten your day relating to all things Wealdstone

  • Teddy Bears

    Perfect friend when you are feeling down

  • Homeware

    Stones stuff for around the home.

  • Sports Accessories


    And other sporting goods.

  • Stationery and Keyrings

    Pens, keyrings, etc.

    All you need for home and office.

  • Photos and Posters

    A selection of superb prints,

    usually taken by our in-house genius, Steve Foster (wfcSteve)

  • Bags and Flags

    A selection of flags and miscellaneous gifts.

    A bazaar of bizarre.

  • Fridge Magnets

    They are magnets for your fridge

  • Badges

    A range of badges from WFCSC and Toby's Lapels.

    The timeless, classic way to wear your colours.

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